Learn how to make your own deliciously fragrant exfoliating scrub, using natural ingredients that you don't even have to leave the house for. 

This scrummy recipe beats any shop bought scrub I've ever used. 

Use once a week for soft and moisturised skin.



A fantastic and practical way to use up fabric scraps, a rag rug is the perfect project for the home.

For this version you'll need hessian the size you would like your finished rug to be, plus two inches round. You'll attach your rags all over, leaving two inches all the way round, then sew the ragless edge underneath.

You'll also need fabric strips- we used rags approximately 1" x 5" (at first- then we got sloppy and used whatever we felt like!), and a crochet hook.

Ours contains all sorts- old vests, pyjamas, socks, pants and of course, off-cuts from our sewing projects. Be creative, waste nothing!