Zero Waste Starter Kit: Bathroom

Zero Waste Starter Kit: Bathroom

Always looking to reduce waste, at Happy Earth Essentials, we are committed to helping you make simple sustainable swaps to not only reduce landfill, but to reduce the amount of consumer goods being mass  produced in a way that is harmful to our
 precious planet.

This kit contains :

Cotton make up pads- Our cotton ‘rounds’ are square, eliminating would-be waste from the gaps
between circles! One side is made from luxuriously soft brushed cotton, and the other side is patterned cotton, with another layer sandwiched inbetween, for optimum absorption. Wash at up tp 60 degrees. Avoid fabric conditioner- enemy of absorption!

Large face wipes- These aren’t exclusively for large faces, but a larger wipe, perfect for applying and removing lotions. Can also be used on bums, but we advise washing between! These wipes are made of soft, super absorbent towelling. Wash at up to 60 degrees, but we advise against using fabric conditioner (see above!).

Soap saver- AKA life saver if you’re passionate about soap. All those sad end bits of the soap that used to get wasted? Not any more. You can keep your soap in this handy little bag, collect all the soap ends and mix them together! The hessian makes a gentle exfoliator too!

Bamboo tootbrush- An eco friendly alternative to those plasticky things! The wooden part can be composted in the comfort of your own home compost!