Snow Yeti Zero Waste Gift Set: Kitchen

Snow Yeti Zero Waste Gift Set: Kitchen

Always looking to reduce waste, at Happy Earth Essentials, we are committed to helping you make simple sustainable swaps to not only reduce landfill, but to reduce the amount of consumer goods being mass  produced in a way that is
 harmful to our precious planet.

This kit contains :
Reusable sandwich bag- a great alternative to cling film and kitchen foil, perfect for packed lunches and picnics. Machine wash up to 60 degrees.
Two kitchen towels- reusable alternative to single use paper towels, these are made of 100% cotton, backed with soft, absorbent toweeling to soak up spills.Simply chuck them in the wash up to 60 degrees.
Plastic free dish scrubber- this eco-friendly alternative to a plastic sponge is made from strong, rough hessian for excellent scrubbing, and stuffed with recycled bamboo and cotton fibres. This is 100% compostable and contains no microplastics. Machine washable up to 60 degrees.


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