Plastic Free Dish Scrubber Peachy Ferns Two Pack

Plastic Free Dish Scrubber Peachy Ferns Two Pack

Our natural hessian scrubbers are stuffed full of recycled cottons and other fibers, providing an absorbent and flexible filling, with a rough burlap surface for great scrubbing. Each scrubber is double layered and easily maintained- just throw it in the washing machine and reuse again and again.


When it finally does give up the ghost you can even compost your scrubber, and feel great about not having added to any landfill! 


Natural scrubbers are much better for the environment and contain absolutely no chemicals.

Disposable plastic sponges not only create tonnes of landfill that take hundreds of years to biodegrade, the processes used to manufacture and transport them have a devastating effect on the environment. 


Say no to disposable plastic!


    Machine washable and compostable.


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