High Absorbency Extra Long Cloth Sanitary Pad, Foxes

High Absorbency Extra Long Cloth Sanitary Pad, Foxes

Introducing our brand new, super long sanitary pad- designed with your comfort in mind. Ideal for heavy flow, these pads are a generous 11 inches long, with three luxuriously absorbent layers of bamboo/cotton blend core inside.


Benefitting from a waterproof outer layer of waterproof  PUL* our pads are now topped with brushed 100% cotton- a comfy soft fabric. Using cotton, rather than commonly used fleece, helps prevent harmful microplastics washing into our oceans, protecting precious sealife.


The environmental benefits of reusable pads is obvious- less waste, less landfill, happier earth!


*Polyurethane Laminate- a laminated fabric that prevents leaking, but is fully breathable.

  • Waterproof, reusable cloth sanitary pads.

    A reusable alternative to disposable sanitary towels.


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