Day of the Dead Cloth Sanitary Pad

Day of the Dead Cloth Sanitary Pad

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This 9" cloth sanitary pad benefits from a hidden waterproof outer layer of waterproof  PUL, which stands for Polyurethane Laminate- a laminated fabric that prevents leaking, but is fully breathable. 


We make pads with a variety of core fabrics, but this particular pad consists of a bamboo core. Bamboo is a thin fabric, making an extremely compact, discreet and comfortable pad, with a high absorbency rate. This pad has two layers of bamboo fleece underneath the black cotton upper. The cotton and bamboo layers will absorb 17ml of fluid. The absorbency of disposable pads ranges from 2.4-16.9ml (


The environmental benefits of reusable pads is obvious- less waste, less landfill, happier earth. Another bonus is that our cloth sanitary pads are chemical free and kind against your skin.


    Machine washable up to 60 degrees.

    Avoid fabric conditioner.


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