CSP Variety Pack//Light, Medium & Heavy Absorbency

CSP Variety Pack//Light, Medium & Heavy Absorbency

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People are often unsure which type of cloth sanitary pad will suit them best, and try a few different styles.

I've put together this variety pack so that you can try out the different types of CSP and find the perfect type for your body and flow. All of the different styles will come handy at different points in your cycle, so this pack is win-win!

This selection includes:

11"  Super Soak-up 3000 Maxi Pad, High Absorbency:

Benefits from an internal absorbent, antibacterial, odour control bamboo fabric throughout the entire body of the pad, as well as two further layers of bamboo. The outer fabric is cotton and there is a waterproof layer inside.

9" The Twist Cotton Pad, Medium Absorbency:

Similar to the maxi pad, this cotton pad contains an absorbent layer throughout, and has one extra layer of absorbent bamboo and waterproof layer.

The Classic 9" PUL Pad, Medium Absorbency:

The PUL is the shiny patterned fabric, and is itself waterproof, so doesn't require an extra waterproof layer inside. This contains two layers of absorbent bamboo.

Light 'n' Breezy 6" PUL Pantyliner:

Similar to the PUL pad, but the mini pantyliner contains one layer of absorbent bamboo. These are great for the beginning and end of your period, and for use alongside a menstrual cup.

The layer of fabric which rests against your skin is black brushed cotton- a fabric that is soft, natural, and free of microplastics.

Microplastics are tiny particles of synthetic fibres that leak into the eco system with washing machine water.


The environmental benefits of reusable pads is obvious- less waste, less landfill, happier earth.




    Machine washable up to 60 degrees.

    Avoid fabric conditioner.


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